Music travels in senegal

Sousou & Maher Cissoko and Jaliya Connection invites you to experience the vibrancy and warm traditions of Senegal. With many years of experience of West African music we offer workshop experience full of adventure, soul and sunshine combined with singing and dancing. Right now we don't have any travels planned but here you can read about our previous travels. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in information about upcoming travels.

earlier worskhops - African voice experience

The idea to arrange this workshop came after Sousou’s many insights during her vocal sessions with Kishti Tomita (former jury member of the Swedish Idol). When she travelled to Senegal to sing with Adama Cissokho she felt how the songs became so much easier to sing when she followed Kishti Tomita advices. The combination of this two amazing teachers has meant a lot to her and she wanted to share that experience by arranging a workshop with this unique combination of teachers ...

More information about the previous workshop:

Kishti Tomita teaches Afro-American singing techniques and from her you get the tools which can help you to bring out the most of your voice. You will meet the Senegalese singer Adama Cissokho who teaches West African singing techniques and develops your repertoire and musical understanding with traditional songs from West Africa. You will learn more about history and daily life by understanding the lyrics of the songs. Adama will train the strengths in your voice and establish the techniques you get from Kishti.

Our excellent teachers will help you to free the resources of your voice and to raise awareness of the connections between voice, body and soul. We work mainly in group sessions but you will also be given opportunity with individual coaching. During the workshop we will do voice meditations, go through different singing techniques, our breathing and our bodies, the instrument of the voice.

In addition to workshops, there will be an opportunity to visit Dakar and its intensive music life. For two days we will be doing a trip to experience the city life with its sparkling live music scene, night clubs, colourful markets and visits to historical sites like Goré Island.

This is an outstanding opportunity to discover your voice and the connections between African and Afro-American singing, voice, body and soul in a cultural inspiring atmosphere!

Widen your perspective and join us in this life changing experience!