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  • anto desouza • 8 September 2017 12:13:16

    Jag ser webbplats och dess impressive.I skulle vilja veta om innehåll eller bannerannonsering alternativ på din webbplats ?

    Hur mycket i fall vi vill sätta en artikel på din webbplats ?

    anto desouza
  • Faisal Haq • 5 July 2017 22:23:39
    Sousou and Maher, I hope you are doing well or may be on tour. My name is Faisal I come from Uganda and I have lived in Sweden since 1974. Accidently I saw your Clip from USA TV-show by Heather Maxwell and I was very impressed by your performance and the music from Senegal very inspiring and fantastic singers. As I listen to very high quality music like other home hifi guys so it would be nice if you had one cd album recorded or remastered with ultra high quality sound, many home Hifi guys would enjoy listening through their High quality stereo equipments as you both are very talented and absolute incredibly, unreasonably excellent musicians. I love your music and I have recommended to some of my best friends. Its pity that I did not know about you guys until now, but it’s never too late.:-)
  • Marco • 14 November 2014 14:38:01
    Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I fell in love with your music! I discovered your art yesterday, thanks to an Italian radio that was playing some songs from Africa Moo Balalu, I couldn't believe my ears, such a wonderful mix of styles with a predominant amazing African mood. Songs like Wula, Fall, Sinaya etc. are making me smile and cry..

    Thanks so much for your lovely music and keep up the great work!
Sauti Za Busara Festival 2013

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